How To Choose Good Problem Solution Essay Topics For High School Students?

A problem solution essay is an academic paper where the author should raise a problem and suggest a way of solving this problem. They should support their solution with good arguments. The key element of writing a good problem solution paper is choosing a proper topic. If you have difficulties with this step, you should learn what actions to perform in order to succeed.

Choosing a Topic for a Problem Solution Essay

  1. Select a general area.
  2. First, you should think about an area that you want to discuss. For example, you may choose politics, economy, society, and so on. It’s advisable to pick an area that interests you the most. You will skip this step if your teacher indicates the area that your paper should be related to.

  3. Select a problem.
  4. Once you’ve chosen a general area, you should decide what exact problem you’ll discuss in your text. If you select society, for example, you may discuss such problems like undocumented immigration, sexual assaults, mass shootings, suicides, police brutality, and so on. Choose a problem that worries you the most.

  5. Find a solution.
  6. Once the problem is chosen, you should make a little investigation to learn how it can be solved. Try to find the most effective solution that can be supported with the best evidence. If you cannot find any theories of how to solve the chosen problem, it’s advisable to pick some other problem.

  7. Get your teacher’s approval.
  8. Go to your teacher and inform them about the problem that you’ve selected and the solution that you’re going to suggest in your paper. If your teacher approves your topic, you can continue working. However, if they say that it’d be better to choose some other topic, it’s advisable to repeat previous steps considering your teacher’s advice.

Completing a Problem Solution Essay

Once your topic has been approved by your teacher, you should conduct a more thorough study on it in order to find factual evidence that can prove the effectiveness and superiority of your solution.

The next step is to outline your paper. This will make it easier for you to organize your actions during the actual writing process. Divide your text into an introduction, body, and conclusion. The first part should present the problem, the second should describe your solution, and the last should summarize everything written before.

Don’t expect to create a perfect essay right away. It’s likely that you’ll need to compose a few drafts before you’ll be ready to submit your paper.

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