Fresh Ideas For Argumentative Essays: 20 Unique Topics

Writing an essay from scratch demands dedication in any author, especially in someone who is not used to writing on a regular basis. In that case, if you need topics for your next argumentative essays, read the following list carefully.

  1. Are there any feasible options to the death penalty in the countries where this major sentence is accepted legally?

  2. Is there enough evidence to support climate change theories taking place currently in the world?

  3. Is the election process fair in your country according to the current legislation?

  4. How can we deal with the terrorist threat in Occident effectively?

  5. Do schools deliver too much homework to students so that they are burnt out being too young?

  6. Should men have a longer & more permissible paternity leaves from work when they become fathers?

  7. Is the current lottery system effective enough in your country?

  8. Are people suffering an increasing dependence on computers and other electronic devices?

  9. How can the educational system be improved effectively by implementing more latest technologic tools?

  10. Do you think that smoking should be banned more restrictively in your country?

  11. How efficient are the current paper test at schools as indicators of competency in the classrooms?

  12. Do our children learn what they should know in life in their school years?

  13. Do you think that condoms should be at teenager’s disposal in your country without their parent’s awareness?

  14. Are famous actors & singers overpaid in comparison with a regular income of the average citizen?

  15. Do you think that homosexual marriage should be accepted universally to assure equality of rights?

  16. Is the current competitive system in the business world healthy for the global market?

  17. Do you have the impression that women tend to be too mean among themselves?

  18. Are university courses too overpriced in your country?

  19. What are the most optimal trends to solve the crisis issues in your location for the following years?

  20. What are the possible strategies that will work out in order to minimize the damages from future terrorist attacks in the Occidental countries?

In conclusion, there are plenty of headings to consider to come up with top-notch argumentative essays as your next assignment. Reflect on the possibilities for the most appealing topics in the list above. Next, proceed to outline your upcoming essay; start right now!

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