Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics On Health - 10 Best Ideas

When you are looking for topics for your health argumentative essay, there are some places that will give you some great ideas on how to choose a great topic. An argumentative essay takes a stand on a topic and works to prove it. It is a great idea to write this paper on a controversial issue because there is usually the same amount of evidence to use to write the paper on both sides of the issue.

You will chose a topic that has two sides to it. For example, you can write a paper on whether doctor-assisted suicide should be allowed. You will then plead your case to show that it either should be allowed or that it shouldn’t be allowed. When writing this type of paper, you will need to write the opposing view and a specific rebuttal for it. When it comes to choosing on a topic for your health essay, you probably don’t want to use an overused topic like euthanasia or abortion. Check out the ten best ideas on how to find the best topic for your health argumentative essay. it will be sure to help you find a topic that interests you and one that you feel passionate about because that is the best way to write a really good argumentative essay.

  1. Check your local newspaper for controversial issues

  2. Look in a health journal to see where the controversy is

  3. Read articles listing the most controversial health issues

  4. Look for arguments on social media sites

  5. Skim through your text book on your favorite topics

  6. Look on the internet for controversial health topics

  7. Read through your notes

  8. Jot down any issues that you remember from class

  9. Contact a professional writer for help

  10. Look for a freelance writer

Once you have found your topic, it is very important for you to write your main points down and then organize them in the form of an outline. It is the best way to make sure that you present your information in the best possible way to get your point across to the audience. You will need to make sure that plan out your rebuttal paragraph as well. That way you will be completely prepared to write a strong argumentative essay on a health issue that is concerning our world today.

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