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Health and medicine has come forward a long way today, and it has now become compulsory for every medical student to present an essay on a topic at the end of their final year. Looking up on the internet, we can find thousands of topics related to various medical subjects on which we can write an essay with some practice and research. Some of these topics might need less time to cover while others need more information and statistics. For a good essay topic for free, choose one from the topics below which suits your time and opportunity -

  1. Does vaccination actually work in preventing the risks of deadly diseases? Should vaccines be encouraged for non-life threatening diseases?
  2. Does the structure of a human being depend on his diet? What could be the other factors which would help in retaining his health?
  3. Is being overweight/underweight always the sign of poor health? What could be the other factors contributing to it?
  4. Does checking one’s symptoms on websites give rise to dangerous experimentation to play doctor?
  5. Are anorexia and other eating disorders prevalent due to the society’s distorted portrayal of a beautiful woman?
  6. What could be the various causes of psychological orders such as ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism and such?
  7. Should differently abled children be sent to a general school or should they be sent to special schools for their education and development?
  8. Are dietary supplements helpful for us in the long run, or should we stick to natural forms of supplements?
  9. Has there been success in the field of physical exercise, proper diet and non-medical treatment in curing major illnesses?
  10. Examine the biological and psychological roots of sociopathy, and what could be the various ways of prevention and treatment?
  11. Should homemade medicines be adopted for treating minor diseases or should money be spent on costly treatments?
  12. Should killing of the fetus (abortion) be legalised in extreme cases? Should the mother be allowed to keep the baby in such situations?
  13. Is surrogacy compatible to ethical and legal standards or should it be discouraged?
  14. Should adoption be encouraged in families? Should the process for adopting a child be less complex and time-consuming?
  15. What could be the side-effects of using over-the-counter beauty products or medicines without consulting a doctor?

Therefore, these are some of the topics which can be used for writing a satisfactory essay.

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