10 Inspiring And Unique Essay Topics On The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby is a novel that never sold much during hey days of the author only to be adapted in later years when Scott had passed on. Believed to be a cautionary literary piece of the American dream, this fiction novel was to be used in high schools for literary learning during which it was acted and performed live in stage. Well, a lot, in terms of themes touching on the contemporary world was written on and this is something you can always come in a close shave with should you give the book a keen attention while reading. Among some of the themes the books takes a look at from a creative standpoint include moral decadence, moral upheavals and change. In essence, the book is a classical depiction of the contemporary world in which we live today. It is on this premise that students of this age find the book an interesting literary piece in this age and in particular for literary composition and understanding of the world around us. It is understood from the blurb that Scott was inspired by the contemporary life he led by visiting clubs and joints and henceforth started a plan for his writing. The book was published in the year 1925 and only about twenty thousand copies were sold in that year.

Well, with an inspired mind, Scott finally had his share of knowledge and experience about the world crafted and published; and his works are still being read to date. As a student, the story is not only inspiring but also a creative approach to the literary world. Reading this book should see you come up with some inspiring topics on Great Gatsby as enumerated below.

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