Term Papers For Sale: Evaluating The Options

Trying to decide whether or not you should go ahead and buy a term paper can be one of the trickiest decisions that a student has to make. You have the moral issue to consider; does buying a term paper sit well with your conscience. Then you have the risk factor: what will be the consequences if you get found out. On top of that you also have the reliability factor. It is hardly surprising that a lot of students consider the risks and then decide to simply write the paper themselves. However, if you go into it with eyes wide open, then buying a term paper can in some instances be the best decision that you will ever make.

So, seen people advertising term papers for sale? Here’s my guide to evaluating the options:

The moral factor

Everyone you talk to will have an opinion on this. Forget them! This is one scenario where you can do without well-meaning friends and judgmental family. The only conscience that you need to evaluate at this stage is yours. I will say upfront that buying term papers is a grey area. It often depends upon what you are buying them for. (Research or to pass them off purely as your own) So, you need to weigh up whether or not you are comfortable doing something that a certain sectors of society and indeed your academic community will find reprehensible. I am on the fence here. It is your decision.

The risk factor

This is a big point to consider. Risks will vary upon many different things including:

  • The attitude/rules of your academic institution. (Some are considerably more lenient than others)

  • Who you are buying the term paper off – Have they come highly recommended? Do you know the person? Is it just some Joe that you have found on the internet?

  • Who else knows about your intentions – Are your friend’s blabbermouths. IF I was going to go down this route, then I would be inclined to keep my mouth shut and only tell anyone who absolutely needed to know my intentions.

  • Potential consequences

    Again, these vary. However, the ultimate penalty would be being kicked out of college and potentially facing a lawsuit. (If there were strong allegations of plagiarism)

    The Reliability Factor

    Okay, so assuming that I haven’t scared you witless, then you also need to weigh up the reliability factor of whomever you are choosing to provide this service. The last thing that you want to do is take all of the above risks, hand over your cash only to end up with a dud paper! Choose wisely if you are buying one for sale.

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