Setting Up a Narrative Essay: 10 Absolutely Free Topics

Many students feel frustrated when they hear the word ‘essay’. It happens because quite many people don’t have the talent for writing. Of course, in such a case, writing an essay can turn into a problem that is hard to bear. Still, a narrative essay can be fun if you keep a few essential tips in mind.

Below, you can find several nice topics for a good narrative essay that will be a success. They are free, so you can use them as you like, with your own changes or without any.

  1. How I got lost in a huge supermarket.

  2. What I would do if I could turn back time.

  3. What I would do if I were an animal (you can choose a particular one).

  4. One thing I would change about me if I were able.

  5. Where I’d like to spend the rest of my life.

  6. A thing (or many things) that nobody would know about me.

  7. A thing I saw or did that you would not believe.

  8. An animal (or a magical creature) I would love to have as a pet.

  9. What I would do if I had a billion dollars.

  10. The most precious lesson life has ever taught me.

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