How To Create A Successful Comparative Essay On Two Novels

The task of comparing and contrasting is an uphill task. Talking about novels in particular, there are a number of cases that cause many to take a liking to one over the other. Now what happens when they need to be compared and framed in an essay format? Decent research, understanding of vital points and presentation of a comprehensive comparative report are the ingredients that make up a comparative write up. So if you wish to make a stellar composition to keep your readers engrossed and that too over two renowned novels (it could be anything), make a draft of the points right away.

These are few ways of achieving your purpose:

Firstly, analyze the content of the two novels. In other words, both the novels might be of a similar genre or can be different too. Check for the key points and see how well you can highlight them to start off in an interesting manner.

Secondly, make an attempt to understand the theme contained in both the novels. Once you know that, see what the essay is asking for. Few compare and contrast academic papers put emphasis on simple collation while others might require a proper evaluation in respect to the comparisons. Always make it a point to find at least some idea or them like love or time and see how the authors have taken different approaches. For additional help, resorting to an instructor is a good idea.

Thirdly, make research a must. After all, it is impossible to give a detailed account of what you infer from the points if the facts are not presented well. However, do not make the mistake of comparing each and everything as it only looks vague. Compare few aspects only and in a comprehensive way. After all, it’s a novel and not some historical or social issue.

Fourthly, mixed paragraphs method is a great way of dealing with compare and contrast academic papers. You can either choose to compare first aspect of one to the same aspect in another novel or mix parts of both the novel and compare. Choose the latter if you are only adept at this technique.

Lastly, organizing the content is of paramount importance. If you have defined the comparison points well, decide on how you want to structure the paragraphs and stick to that only.

There is no shortcut on how to create a successful comparative academic paper on two novels. Follow the above mentioned rules and you

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