Creating A Good Self-Evaluation Essay Related To Nursing: 5 Fresh Ideas

Self-evaluation is a critical part of most nurses’ job descriptions. In a field that is as independent as nursing, it is essential that you have an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. This is where the self-evaluation essay comes in. Instead of being evaluated by your superior, who likely is busy doing their own work, a nurse must evaluate themselves. If you are worried about boring your supervisor with the same evaluation essay as everyone else, here are 5 fresh ideas to get you started.

#1: How Your Techniques Have Changed

Sometimes, you will notice that your nursing techniques will change between evaluations. Maybe you spent more time focusing on patients at one time, but now spend more time focusing on the more technical aspects of nursing, such as medication adjustments and reactions. Take note of these and mention them for a unique evaluation.

#2: How a Traumatic Event Changed Your Strengths and Weaknesses

As someone working in the medical field, it is very likely that you will deal with more than one traumatic event. One of these events may be so rough that it changes your entire outlook on nursing. In this case, you may experience a change in your strengths and weaknesses. Identify these and note how the traumatic event played a role.

#3: Recognize Your Weaknesses and Note How You Can Improve

In most self-evaluation essays, nurses will note a couple of weaknesses. However, few go the distance to address these in depth and mention how they can improve. Recognizing areas for improvement is essential if you want to take charge in your field and prove that you have really thought about your strengths and weaknesses before you sat down to write your evaluation.

#4: Address How Working as a Team Affects Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Few nurses will note the roles that others play in their evaluations. As a nurse, you work with doctors, technicians, and other nurses that affect how you do your job. Consider the roles that others play in your own actions and what you can do to improve.

#5: Identify Why Something that was Once a Strength Has Changed

Our strengths sometimes change with time. In this case, you can take note of this for your self-evaluation essay. Instead of mentioning the change, consider why the change occurred. You can also write about how you plan to make changes in the future to make the skills a strength once again.

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