Top 20 Example Proposal Essay Topics To Choose From

A proposal essay will generally require you to look at a particular problem, and then My Custom Essay is the solution that can help with that problem. Essentially, your proposal should be aimed at providing a way of solving any issues relating to the topics that you have identified.

In fact, as well as be known as a proposal essay, you may have had this academic paper be referred to as a problem solution paper. Therefore, if you have written a problem solution paper, you will probably have a good idea of what topics to write about. However, if you are new to this form of academic writing then you may wish to look at some of the topics listed below in order to help you.

  1. How can we reduce the amount of pollution produced by vehicles?

  2. What can be done to make society a fairer place for people of all backgrounds?

  3. What can be done to increase the number of women who participate in different sports?

  4. What can be done to reduce the number of deaths that occur on the roads?

  5. What can be done to minimize or prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa?

  6. What can be done to reduce the amount of pollution but is affecting the world’s seas and oceans?

  7. What can be done to minimize the number of suicides that occur with people who are suffering from depression?

  8. What can be done to reduce the impact of childhood obesity?

  9. What can be done to ensure that the poorest people in society are able to a fair wage?

  10. How can we prevent the extinction of various endangered animals?

  11. How can people reduce the effects that divorce can have one the children of parents who are splitting up?

  12. How can governments work with communities to prevent the radicalization of individuals who may turn to terrorism?

  13. How can parents educate the children better so as to minimize the risk of them taking drugs?

  14. What is the best way to reduce the rate of teen pregnancies within society?

  15. How can children be assisted best when they are doing badly at school?

  16. How can the government adapt the educational system to introduce positive aspects but working other educational systems around the world?

  17. How can the world help the Middle East avoid conflict?

  18. How can parents best manage the access that children have to social media?

  19. What can be done to reduce the number of drink driving related deaths?

  20. What can be done to prevent injuries to young people who take part in dangerous sports?

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