Writing An Effective Definition Essay In 5 Steps

With so many different kinds of essay to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to get your head around the exact style required. So, before we get to writing an essay, let’s first of all briefly recap on what a definition essay is:

Defining a definition essay

This kind of paper requires you to define a single word and then place it within an academic context. Easier said than done. Thankfully, I have tons of experience in this field, so here are 5 easy steps to enable you to begin the process of writing an effective paper.

Read several other definition similar works

Before you get started, I would suggest that it makes sense to read through several other similar works. Not to copy, but simply to get a feel of the standard required to ensure that it is effective.

Choose the word that you are going to “define”

Now, here is a conundrum if ever there was one. Trying to select that one all-important word is frequently enough to reduce grown men to tears. Never has the margins for error been so narrow, and success or failure does ride upon your ability to choose wisely when faced with this particular scenario.

Define the word in layman’s terms

Even completing this can be more challenging than you might think because you can’t just lift your definition straight from the dictionary or Wikipedia. It has to be unique and plagiarism free. Once you have your “simple” no-nonsense definition, it should then be a lot easier to at least see how you are going to wrap an entire essay around this.

Choose the direction that you wish to take

Because you are working around one word then the direction that you choose to take is entirely up to you. However, you need to have a very clear idea about this before you begin writing to ensure that you keep it all tight. There is a danger that unless you do this that you could easily go off into a tangent.

Make sure that it follows a standard format

Don’t get caught up in the fact that this is a “Definition essay.” It still has to have the following:

I always draw a certain comfort in the fact that there is a clearly defined process that needs to be adhered to regardless of the nature of the piece that I am writing.

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