A List Of The Funniest College Essay Topics: 10 Creative Ideas

Writing academic papers in your school is monotonous because most of them are repetitive in nature. More often than not, students find it impossible to focus on their tasks because they have no interest in the subject. If you are not concerned or interested in a subject then it would be tough for you to write about it. To make this task easier, teachers would assign such tasks to students that are interesting. Different students have different strategies for engaging their students and make class activities fun. They might ask students to suggest a task for themselves or tell them to write about a fun day that they spent. This makes things easier and encourages students to write.

Being funny is an art so you will have to be careful if you are to create a funny assignment. You do not have to overdo or under do it. You have to keep it casual and funny so that it seems well composed to your audience as well. What you have to stay careful about is that the title of your paper should be something that can hook your audience. You must be able to pull off something that will interest your readers and impress them so that they feel curious about the rest of your paper

To be able to choose a funny topic, you should try to brainstorm for these ideas and read already written funny assignments. When you have enough ideas, try to pick one that is unique so that you can impress your audience. Take a look at the prompts below to choose a funny title for your paper

  1. The first time I slipped in a public place

  2. Coffee should be a part of college tuition fee

  3. Scientists should talk common language instead of jargon that does not make any sense

  4. How to win over some one if you messed up real bad

  5. How to tell your parents that you failed in an exam

  6. What if you burp in the middle of a speech delivering to a large audience

  7. Why are funny cat videos famous on the web

  8. What do dogs think and feel about your emotions

  9. Legalizing assisted suicide and its confliction with religious authorities

  10. What would mean legalizing cannabis in different states

  11. What was the impact of the civil war on north and south American

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