MEDIT 2013

MEDIT Symposium 2013 - Important Update

Although we have received positive responses and enthusiasm about MEDIT Symposium 2013 and unique venue, we regret to inform you that the conference has been cancelled.

We would like to give special thanks to all our Speakers and Sponsors for their support, collaboration and interest in the MEDIT 2013 Event.

A big thank you to all the members of the Apache Software Foundation, especially Jim, Paul, Jeremy, Dan and Christian for their support and commitment of the event.

A special thank you to Loiane Groner, for her extraordinary support.

A sincere thanks to Christian Grobmeier, Vladimír Oraný, Lukas Eder, Frank Karlitschek, Christopher Brownlee, Javier Paniza and Florian Adler for their enthusiasm and collaboration.

Thank you to Woody Rollins (appscale), Rubens Daniels (cloud9), Antonio Calanducci (EtnaTraining), Tyler Jewell (codenvy), Arash Kaffamanesh (Open CloudBox), Daniele Gobbetti (Mixare), Lorenzo Bettini (xText), Chris DiBona (Google), Ilias Tsagklis (JavaCodeGeeks), Stelio Verzera (cocoonprojects), Rick Ross and Matt Werner (DZone), Franceso Mondora, Thorsten Scherler and Javier Puerto, Letterio Pirrone, Gianluca Bertani, Michele Trimarchi, Mohammad Nour, Alexei Fedotov.

Finally, a thank you to the local people in Sicily, Paolo, Valerio, Carmelo, Salvino, Alfredo, Dario, all Volunteers and to all our Followers.

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We would like to offer special thanks to the following participants for their support and collaboration.