Composing An Expository Essay About Identity And Belonging

Identity crisis is a problem that continues to face many around the world and with the increasing cases of illegal immigration; millions of people from around the world are yet to develop a sense of belonging wherever they are. Ostensibly, it is hard to imagine a life without a sense of oneness and the thought of living a life without self actualization and discovery is notwithstanding threatening the very inner piece in those whose citizenry is in doubt. Another cause for identity crisis and lack of belonging in the minds of many is the question of racism. You cannot deny the fact that racism is still at large and those who have witnessed it firsthand will always be in a good position to tell gory tales of mistreatments and abuses. In countries where human rights abuses are meted on selfless immigrants and domestic workers, lack of identity and sense of belonging has been a major cause for deaths. Further, lack of a sense of belonging has seen many take their own lives because they feel less or not appreciated at. The big question is, despite the fact that the world has come a long way in trying to stem out this problem, is there an end in sight?

Well, right from school, students can be trained on how to help the world cope with these problems and especially how people of different colors, religion, tribe and creed can appreciate one another. Through essay writing based on identity and belonging, a lot can be achieved. In this regard, this post takes a look at some tips that will help any student craft a good essay of this nature, take a look.

What is your anchor statement?

Also known as a thesis statement or a statement of claim, writing about identify and belonging should be well captured in this very important section of your essay. Here, you should introduce what many stand to benefit should identity and belonging be achieved around the world. However, the way your statement of claim is framed depends on the nature of your topic.

Background knowledge on identity and belonging

The two terms are often used interchangeably while in essence, they are different in meanings. Out of identity, one develops a sense of belonging. Explain this in the preliminaries sections of your paper.

Exploit the use of examples

Readers seek understanding whenever they read an expository essay. On this premise, a topic on identity and belonging should be exhausted with ideal examples for good understanding of the concepts.

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