Essay Topics Related To Education: 20 Fresh Examples

Education has been around for centuries. While this means that you have tons of topics to choose from when you have to write an essay about education, it can be difficult to narrow the field. If you have difficulty choosing, consider these fresh topics for an education essay.

  1. What should be taught in a high school course on life skills? Think about what skills you wish you would be able to learn, such as doing taxes, managing bills, etc. Should this be mandatory?

  2. How serious is plagiarism? Do you think students are treated unfairly? What punishments are appropriate?

  3. What right does the school have to knowing your legal information? Should this be displayed on your academic results?

  4. Would it be right to pay college athletes? What would the advantages and disadvantages of this?

  5. Consider how testing anxiety affects students. Should high-stakes tests be allowed to determine a significant portion of a student’s grade?

  6. How much technology should be used in the classroom? Do the curriculum and tools to teach need to be updated to keep up with the technological world?

  7. Is it right to require students to learn a foreign language? What is its usefulness and why might some students not want to learn it?

  8. Consider what you would like to do as a career. Has high school taught you any skills you will need to do this?

  9. Is it right to make gym mandatory? How does gym affect school performance overall?

  10. Consider technology and education. Has technology made cheating worse?

  11. What makes a teacher a good teacher? Should students be allowed to give teachers grades?

  12. Is it right for schools to drug test students? Should it be mandatory and at what age?

  13. Do you think standardized tests actually measure your ability? Are there any factors that affect performance (think testing anxiety)?

  14. What are the differences between common core and traditional math? Is it right to change the method?

  15. Consider the average class size. Does this affect performance in any way?

  16. What is appropriate criteria for colleges to use for admission? Should more than grades and SAT scores matter?

  17. What are the advantages and disadvantages of affirmative action?

  18. Is it ethical to group students by their ability? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  19. What is appropriate punishment for schools? Is corporal punishment ethical?

  20. How important is your senior year of high school? Should it be optional or mandatory?

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